Buy Pre-Owned

We sell gently-used, quality phones and a few tablets. Most of the phones we carry work with either Verizon and AT&T, however, sometimes these also worked with Cricket and StraighTalk. The best way to see if this will work with you carrier is to bring in your current device with an active SIM card (how you get your service) and we will test it for you. We carry a lot of iPhones and some of the Samsung Galaxy S series as well. On rare occasion we also carry Motorola phones. Our devices come with a 90-day warranty, and they have been thoroughly checked for functionality. We stock devices in a variety of price ranges and they sell quickly, please call ahead to make sure the phone you see here is still in stock.

Phones currently in stock as of 08/08/18:

Apple Devices: 

iPhone 6 (VZW/AT&T) 64GB - $225 SOLD!

iPhone 6S (VZW/AT&T/T-Mobile) 32GB -  $315 SOLD!

iPhone 6S (VZW/AT&T/T-Mobile) 16GB -  $295SOLD!

iPhone SE (VZW) 16GB - $195

iPhone 6S Plus (VZW/AT&T/T-Mobile) 16GB - $315

iPhone 6S Plus (VZW/AT&T/T-Mobile) 32GB - $350

iPhone 7 (VZW/AT&T) 32GB - $400

iPhone 7 (AT&T/T-Mobile) 32GB - $400 


Samsung Devices:

Galaxy S7 (VZW/AT&T) 32GB - $250 SOLD!

Galaxy S8 (VZW) 64GB - $445 



iPhone 6 (VZW/AT&T) 16GB  - $200

iPhone 6 (VZW/AT&T) 64GB - $225

iPhone 6S (VZW/AT&T) 32GB  - $315

Galaxy S6 (VZW/AT&T) 32GB - $220

Galaxy S6 (VZW/AT&T) 32GB - $220